Origin de BACON :

Bacon is the surname of a centuries old family of Antibes. The first member historically discovered was a certain Mr. Bacon, solicitor in the town, in the year 1124. Under Henri the Third’s reign, in 1574, a descendant Nicolas Bacon, Consul of Antibes, traveled to Paris where he obtained confirmation of his rights for the Privileges of the City.

Origin of the restaurant creation :

The great history of this restaurant began in the mid-1940s when Victor and Alphonsine Sordello, the founders, launched « Le Buffet de Bacon », designed for campers on vacation on the Cap d’Antibes and niçois on weekends. The disappearance of campsites on the Cap, will lead them to rethink their project, opting for seafood, capitalizing on the riches of the Mediterranean, the most beautiful fish and shellfish of local fishermen, constantly improving their enhancement and their bouillabaisse recipe. They will be joined by talented chef Serge Philippin by combining their efforts will be crowned with a star in the Michelin Guide in 1979. The adventure will continue over several decades with their two sons, Adrien and Etienne Sordello, who will take over and combine their respective talents to always improve their products and offer the best in complicity with the House’s historic chef. Together from decade to decade until 2019, they were able to create an institution with a warm and unique atmosphere, in the spirit of a large family serving their customers, celebrities, local and international customers all welcomed as friends.