Gastronomie de la mer

Welcome to the Bâcon, this magnificent institution founded in 1948 by the Sordello family becomes after a period of transformation the “Maison de Bâcon”. Spaces redesigned with the creation of a lounge bar open to all, a garden arranged to better accommodate you, a kitchen with a new way of cooking on a wood fire, a decoration in its era integrated with its environment. All this to make your experience even more enjoyable and above all to make you feel at home in this unique, magical and timeless place.

Because a house houses a spirit, values, laughter, smiles and above all a family, we hope with all our heart to share this with you in all modesty and complicity to offer you a moment of pleasure.

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A fine cuisine

Bouillabaisse, delicate ravioli of seabass or crayfish, carpaccio of seabass and sea bream, the warm napoleon will always be there and new creations will also delight the taste buds of gourmets.

Come to Mediterranean sea

A fish restaurant in an idyllic setting.

Awaken your senses with an extraordinary gastronomic experience and savour the unique cuisine of Chef Luigi Frascella facing the Mediterranean Sea.